VeroBoardUino – How to Build an Arduino-Compatible Board for Very Little Money

Note: this was going to be one post but it’s ballooned into a huge thing so this is one of several which will be posted over the next few days.  Stay tuned!

So you’ve got a nice Arduino board for experimentation and you’ve built a circuit on a breadboard which you’d like to make permanent.

It’s expensive (and overkill) to use a new arduino each time you build a new circuit you want to keep. Here’s how you can easily build an arduino-compatible board, from complete scratch, for a few pounds/dollars/euros so you can keep your real arduino for experimenting with…

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New Marengo GPS Route Planner – Out Now!

After too long a gestation period, the new version of the Marengo GPS Route Planner is out.  This web-based application allows cyclists (amongst other outdoors types) to plot a route on a map and then upload it to their GPS unit to enable it to guide them.

New features include direct upload from the application to a Garmin device (Windows / Mac only I’m afraid, owing to Garmin’s requirements), a full “undo” system, auto-routing between points, elevation details and charting and more.

The new version is right where the old one used to be:

Weird Pauses Ubuntu Jaunty in Compiz / ATI fglrx

I upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu Jaunty the other day. A relatively smooth upgrade, but one thing was really annoying me.

The open source drivers for the machine don’t support compiz effects, which I’ve come to rely on for genuinely useful task switching, inverting the colours of windows, and magnifying. So I used the proprietary ATI fglrx drivers. All worked well apart from a really annoying several-second delay each time a window was maximized or resized.

I couldn’t find anything relevant on the interwebs until today. Apparently this issue is widespread, and is the result of the xserver “back filling” any maximized or resized windows to prevent momentary display corruption within that window. This goes really slowly!

There is now a patch – basically just an xserver which abandons the back filling. The appropriate repositories can be found here:

Speeding up Firefox 3 on the Eee

I’m running ubuntu-eee on my new Asus Eee 901.  And Firefox 3.0 was horrible on it.  You’d load a page, and scrolling up and down would pause frequently with a jittery, jerky motion.  It was so annoying that I experimented with Opera and Epiphany as replacements.  Both fine browsers, but I hated being without add-ins like Adblock Plus and Foxmarks.  Read on to find out how to fix it…

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