New Marengo GPS Route Planner – Out Now!

After too long a gestation period, the new version of the Marengo GPS Route Planner is out.  This web-based application allows cyclists (amongst other outdoors types) to plot a route on a map and then upload it to their GPS unit to enable it to guide them.

New features include direct upload from the application to a Garmin device (Windows / Mac only I’m afraid, owing to Garmin’s requirements), a full “undo” system, auto-routing between points, elevation details and charting and more.

The new version is right where the old one used to be:

11 Replies to “New Marengo GPS Route Planner – Out Now!”

  1. Hi Martyn,

    I just happened to came across your GPS route planner. I used to plan my routes with GMaps itself, create kml with GMaps2GPX and convert with gpsbabel. Your tool is wonderfull, now I can skip two steps and only need one interface to organize my gpx-files. There is only a slight problem left to upload the gpx to my garmin. I don’t get this organized with gpsbabel. In all my systems (ubuntu,xandros) I get errors. But I found out that I can do it with gpsman on Xandros. I will do some more testing the next few weeks and expect to get myself a paid subscription after the testperiod.

    I am just organizing my blog, and hope to start walking with my gps in very short notice. I use the log to keep my audience (hello anybody there) informed about my struggle to find my way using google satelite photo, openstreetmap and my garmin gps.

    Thanks very very much and keep on the good work.

  2. I have created a gpx.xml using your software. How do I upload it to my 305?

  3. Hi David, see the help pages. Specifically if you’re running windows. Also (again, if you’re running Windows) you have the facility to upload a route directly to the GPS unit via the Tools->Garmin Upload menu item. Hope this helps.

  4. How does the auto-routing work- sorry for the stupid question but it seems to just route between the manual waypoints as before- is there a toggle?

  5. Hi Justin, the auto-routing isn’t automatic to allow fine control. To use it, add one point, then add another, and click on the second one and select “Auto-route from previous marker”. If you don’t like the route it gives you can always undo and then try from a point closer to the original marker.

  6. Hi, just recently started using your route planner and like it a lot.

    I have uploaded a route for an upcoming sportive but have been unable to view the elevation data – each time I try it says still trying to recieve data from external source, try again.

    I am able to view elevation data for routes I create myself – am I able to see this data for uploaded routes?

    thanks, Darren

  7. Hi Darren, glad to hear you like the Route Planner!

    The elevation data is, as it says, retrieved from an external source, and sometimes it can be problematical. Try loading the route and leaving it open for a bit – to give it a chance to load all the elevation data.

    Let me know if you still have problems after trying that! You can contact me directly by replying to the email that was sent when you signed up, or using the contact form.

  8. Is there a way to combine “routed” segments with “track” segments in a single gpx file? Can your tool generate these? The goal is to be able to combine routed on-street segments with non-routed “track” segments where on-street routing isn’t viable.
    An email response would be appreciated!

  9. KR – the route planner is designed to create a GPX file where you place each point yourself – it doesn’t matter whether you’re on-road or off-road – you can lay points wherever you like. I’d suggest you sign up for a free trial of the route planner and play with it to see if it does what you want it to do. If you have any specific questions after that, feel free to get in touch.

  10. I just wanted to say thank you as this is a FANTASTIC route planner!! I have recently purchased a Garmin Edge 205 and wanted it for navigation purposes rather than training. I didn’t realise how difficult it was to navigate using the provided software from garmin – near impossible!

    I’ve only tested this planner over a route I know well but I look forward to using this planner to navigate 50+ miles cycling in new areas. Will almost definitely buy a subscription once my free trial has ended!! Well done, you should be working for Garmin, you’d be doing a much better job than them!!

  11. Thanks James :) It’s always nice to hear good feedback. There are more improvements in the pipeline too. Watch this space…!

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