Controlling a Rotary Table with C++

As part of the project to control my metalworking lathe with a stepper motor (see, I’ve decided it would be useful to make some additional gears to step down the speed of the rotary encoder in relation to the lathe’s spindle.

Here’s the first one I created (I haven’t cut a keyway in it yet).

A z45 module 1.0 gear I cut with this software

To cut gears, typically people use a rotary table, which has a worm drive on it to allow for accurate turning of the workpiece via a handwheel which is marked with a vernier scale. I figured it would be easier to get a computer to do that for me.

Creating the software was simple, because I had all the components already created for the previous project. Unlike the lathe project, there are no microsecond-critical timing issues – just rotate, cut, rotate, and repeat until you’ve turned 360°. See it in action at – quite literally this was my first test, and it all just worked as expected.

The code can be found at

Update: here’s a new video showing the code in action for real, cutting an aluminium z40 spur gear. The result is shown below:

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