New Route Planner Beta

Oh boy, I’m getting excited.  There are loads of new features coming soon for the Marengo GPS Route Planner!  I’ve been so busy over the last few months (with earning a living) that I haven’t been able to devote much time to the Route Planner.  But I’ve been working hard…

Currently still in private test, but the following features are working now:

  • Elevation data for waypoints (haven’t implemented anything more than a basic chart to show a ride profile though)
  • Auto-routing!  You asked for it.  Essentially plot a start and end point, then select “route between” and it adds points at all the junctions!  This is awesome – it saves so much time.
  • Proper menus
  • Multi-step undo!  This is so useful – to be able to, say, do an auto-route between two points, decide you don’t like the route, and simply undo it.

What’s still in the pipeline:

  • I want to investigate the new Garmin feature of uploading routes directly from the site.  I haven’t looked at this, but apparently it’s possible.  This may also enable the ability to import a recorded ride directly from your GPS device.
  • Strip uncommented waypoints
  • And…?

Tell me if there’s anything else you’d like to see added to my “TO DO” list in the comments… or on the forum (

2 Replies to “New Route Planner Beta”

  1. Martyn – sounds great – can’t wait for the new version! cheers Rob

  2. Thanks Rob :)
    Tonight I got direct uploading via the Garmin Browser plugin working. Works for Windows and Mac, but Linux isn’t supported by Garmin. Ho hum. Also the “strip uncommented waypoints” thing is done. Almost ready for a beta release!

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