The New Route Planner Forum

In case you’ve missed the announcements in the comments elsewhere, there’s a new forum dedicated to the Marengo GPS Route Planner. You can find it at

It’s the best place to post your rides, ask questions and find “how to” articles. Or at least it will be when we get more than three people signing up to it :-)

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  1. Martyn

    I think you need to add more links to the forum, as most visitors will probably miss it.

    For example : 1) between Tools and Help on the Route Planner home page; 2) In the Help instructions.

  2. I added it to the help instructions when I set the forum up – if you can’t see it your browser may have the old version cached. Try deliberately refreshing the page. The link is at the bottom.

    I agree that there needs to be a link on the main page too. I’ll probably add it at the weekend when I get a bit of spare time!

  3. Martyn – Thank you! As you stated, the info that comes with the 305 is slightly better than terrible – I now can plot a course and follow it with ease…and flawlessly! I have just got your directions for uploading my routes to the Marengo Planner. Can’t wait to try – the beer money is on the way via Paypal – enjoy!


  4. Hi Martyn – a question for you.. I have followed your directions for uploading a GPS recorded route to the Marengo Route Planner – it works fine with the beta version (which allows pasting the converted file into the Planner), but there is no abiltity to do this with the maps2 version. How do you accomplish this?

    Thanks – mp

  5. If you save the text you would have pasted into the old version as a .gpx file (i.e. paste it into a text editor, such as notepad, and save it as, say, foo.gpx), then you can load it in the new version by clicking load, then clicking the “upload gpx” button.

    Let us know if you still have problems…

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