Saving Your Route

Having analysed the database, I see that there are quite a few people who have two or more saved routes with identical names.  I want to clear up what may be some misunderstanding in this post…Essentially the long name you give a route when you are saving it can be any text.  Your route is actually not identified by the name, but by an internal ID number – something you’d never see unless you were publishing your route’s URL (see previous post).  This means that two routes can have exactly the same name, but will remain separate because they have differing IDs.  If you want to MODIFY an existing route, be sure to press the “overwrite” button when saving… otherwise you’ll be writing a new route.
I can see this is possibly a little confusing.  I may well make a change in a future release to prevent identically-named routes from being saved (or maybe prompt for overwrite when saving a route with the same name).  In the meantime, please bear these points in mind when saving.

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