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I’m going to be writing a series of posts on various aspects of the new Route Planner. Today’s a simple one… how to share a route with your friends.The first thing to do is to create a route, and save it. Once you’ve saved it, you can then click on the Tools button and select “Route Information and Sharing”. In this release, all this gives you is a URL which you can copy and paste into emails, on your blog, or a forum. Here’s one of mine:

You might want to consider starting the route from a public place, rather than your front door, if you are going to make a route public. Just to avoid unexpected visitors :) – I’ve done that with this route – it starts at the Richmond Gate in Richmond Park.

In case you are wondering, anyone can view this route by clicking on the URL you provide. They don’t need to be signed up to the Marengo Route Planner. They can save it as a GPX too, and therefore use your route on their GPS unit. What they can’t do, however, is change it (unless they want to manually edit the GPX file).

If you come across someone’s route (such as mine above) and you ARE a logged-in subscriber, you will be able to change it, and save it, but it will save as one of YOUR routes. So you can change it without worrying about messing up someone else’s route.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m also using Ubuntu at home and was wondering what software you used to store all your GPS information.
    Most of the software I’ve found only works on Windows so at the moment I can only store my info on my machine at work.
    The one I use is Sportstracks.
    Do you know of a suitable replacement for Linux?
    Thanks and great software!

  2. Hi Jeremy. I use the Marengo Route Planner – sign up here:

  3. No no…not for your routes but your other info that your gps captures – heart rate, cadence etc. All that stuff. Do you store it? Does your Marengo store it?

  4. Ah :)
    Well, I guess it’s in the GPX file you can download from your unit with GPSBabel, but no, the Route Planner doesn’t make use of that information, as it’s dedicated to routing only. I don’t know of any Linux apps which make use of it. If anyone else does, leave a comment here!

  5. Help
    I guess I will sound really stupid but here goes. I have just down loaded marengo, created a route, and saved as gpx file. then downloaded gpsbabel for windows and got as far as a string gererated and the box saying successfull conversation from gpx to garmin, BUT what do I do now, how do I get it onto my Edge 305

  6. Hi Chris, GPSBabel handles the transfer for you. Make sure you’ve got your Edge connected and turned on, then, in Babel, select the GPX file as the input (as you have done), but for the output, tick the “[Device]” box, which tells Babel to send it to the unit rather than a file. Select Garmin as the device type, and then click “Let’s Go”, which should perform the transfer.

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