DRM-Free Music in the UK

(source: http://xkcd.com/488/)

Why is it so hard to legally obtain DRM-free music in the UK?  Amazon, in the US, has offered DRM-free music downloads for a long time now.  However their UK site doesn’t (and they don’t let you order music from the US-based site unless you are a US citizen).  Tesco (www.tescodigital.com) offers some DRM-free stuff, but the site requires Windows clients and is slow and poorly designed.  iTunes did start to offer some DRM-free stuff, but (a) it was more expensive and (b) the selection, when I last looked, was pitifully small.

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  1. Someone recently tipped me off to www.7digital.com, which sells DRM-free MP3s in the UK. It’s a good site – recommended!

  2. …and now of course Amazon UK have finally started selling MP3s.

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