Cowon D2

Cowon D2

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my music player for ages – I had a Rio Karma, which I liked because it natively played OGG format and was usable under Linux. However it’s pretty big compared to today’s players. I then bought an iPod Nano, only because I knew that I could replace the firmware with Rockbox, which gave it the ability to work with Linux and play OGGs. But there were too many niggling problems – the major one for me is no ability to upgrade the memory.

Now I’ve found the ideal replacement. The Cowon D2 – a little more expensive than a new iPod Nano, but, apart from playing OGG natively, it also plays video, has DAB and FM radio, plays flash games, shows photo, records from radio or microphone, has a text reader, has a touch screen, and best of all, it takes SDHC cards. Which means it won’t ever run out of space. Also it behaves just like a mass storage device, which means you can load it up from a Mac or a Linux box or even Windows without needing to load any proprietary software. Oh, and the battery lasts for 52 hours if you are playing music.

The picture above doesn’t give you an indication of size, but it’s about 8×5.5cm – i.e. small.  And light.

Well recommended.

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