Getting it Working on a Mac

As a victim of the iPod “Halo Effect” (see previous post regarding Nano), I just had to go out and buy a shiny, jangly new Macbook. Ostensibly, of course, so I could test the Route Planner on Safari and figure out how it all works on a Mac. While there’s no way you are going to pry my Linux machine away from me, I am very pleased with the Apple.

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Route Planner – New Features

The feedback for the Route Planner has been very, very positive.  I’ve also had a few suggestions for additional functionality.  Here’s what will be on the cards once I get the time for the next release:

  • User selectable miles/kilometers main display (although did you know if you hover over the miles figure with your mouse, you get a metric “tool tip”?)
  • Configurable waypoint name length
  • Ability to save the route to the web server’s database – this would give you the ability to save a route and share it with other people via a simple URL

Does anybody have any other ideas?  Please let me know here if you do.

The Marengo GPS Route Planner

I recently built a Javascript application, based around Google Maps, which enables a user to plot a cycle route online, and then upload it to their GPS unit to allow them to be directed en route. I designed a 72-mile route on it when I first built it, and then rode it. I wasn’t familiar with the route, but at each junction the GPS told me which way to turn. Fantastic. No stopping to consult the map, just a good training ride.

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nano1.jpgI’ve got to say it, I love my new iPod Nano. I would normally avoid such a gadget like the plague – limited Linux support, DRM-infested music, vendor lock-in, and so on. However, when I read about Rockbox (, a free, open-source firmware replacement for several music players, I just had to buy a shiny, jangly little black Nano.

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First Post!

Welcome to this new forum. I have set this up primarily to allow me to publish new updates regarding the Marengo GPS Route Planner, but I’ll be using it as a means to muse about anything else that takes my fancy. It’ll mainly be open source-related stuff.